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03/03/2019 · A documentary that is available on Netflix is showing the ridiculousness of Flat Eathers from all around the globe. Behind the Curve shows us that Flat Earthers are nothing if not creative with their ‘logic’. After all, Flat Earthers have also said that the Earth is shaped like a donut, and. 15/03/2019 · Once again, the results proved that the earth is curved. The science speaks for itself. These experiments were actually sound. It's the flat-earthers' refusal to accept the results of their own trials that's the problem. Behind the Curve is available to stream on Netflix now.

01/04/2019 · I recently watched “Behind the Curve”—a new Netflix documentary about the community of people who believe that the Earth is flat rather than spherical—with the expectation that I’d sit back and have a laugh at the expense of the flat-Earthers. But I was wrong. I was totally swayed. Here. A new documentary on Netflix, Behind The Curve, offers a very telling insight into the world of the flat earthers. Frustrated with what they see as mainstream scientific dogma, they decide to prove, once and for all, at a flat earth conference, that the earth is flat, using their on scientific experiments. Netflix has a documentary about flat earthers called "Behind The Curve". My wife and I watched it and as people who firmly believe in the science and have scientific backgrounds we are always in somewhat of disbelief or awe when watching things like this. The Flat Earthers that grace the documentary, including self-proclaimed Flat Earth Mayor Mark Sargent and podcast host Patricia Steere, are never portrayed as wacky loons left to the fringes of society but instead are given an opportunity to share their views. There is no corner of Flat Earth that isn’t explored in Behind the Curve. 27/02/2019 · A new documentary called “Behind The Curve” has recently been released on Netflix, looking into the people of the Flat Earth movement and how they end up believing such an outlandish idea. The film has received positive reviews, with critics commenting on how it.

07/03/2019 · Flat Earthers may have accidentally debunked their own absurd theory in front of the documentary filmmakers of Behind the Curve now available to stream on Netflix, but they're far from defeated. In fact, a conversation this week between two of. 10/03/2019 · every experiment that a flat earther does is scientific fraud because there isnt a single experiment that can ever be designed to prove a flat earth because the earth isnt flat. lies and deception is the only outcome of any experiment a flat earther can do until they realise and accept the earth is. 20/07/2016 · 7 Conspiracy Theory Documentaries on Netflix Worth Watching How much of the world does the Illuminati really control? By Caitlin Busch on February 14, 2017. Filed Under Documentaries, Movies, Netflix, Streaming & TV Shows. T he biggest conspiracy theories out there are polarizing and often thought of as despicable.

A clip from the documentary Behind The Curve on Netflix is making the rounds, but not for the reason that the believers in a flat Earth would want it to. It shows an experiment -- one of a few in the doc -- that these flat Earth believers are doing in order to support their own theory, but end up disproving themselves in the process.

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