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Frat; Liked by only one group at every college: Themselves; Known for being good at three things: 1 Snorting Cocaine 2 Lifting Weights 3 Date Raping. From the English "turnpike", the place where itinerent travellers and thieves would camp near a settlement. Pikey is not a racial group, the term is used to describe anyone who lives in a caravan or shares the same values and "culture" of "the travelling community", and whose main sources of income are as follows: Stealing cars, flogging roses. To arouse someone of your sexual intrest. james:dave piqued me last night. joe:ill pique him back,oh hi dave. dave:that was fun last night wasent it james?james:i cant hear u.lets all pique eachother in a threesome! all:that sounds like fun. To say you are going to do something and then back out at the last minute. To flake out.

Some retard who always asks for juul pods and smells like a rotten hoagie bun. Marcus Pike tends to be obese and takes up 3 seats in the car. What does pike mean in Urban Dictionary?: the turnpike; Someone on modern warfare 2 who camps inside place of an area with a claymore when you look at the opposite spot; 1.. the sleaziest fire dept in indianapolis and surrounding. full of gypsy men. One who trades securities on a small time, even amatuerish fashion. A girl who has sex with three or more Pike brothers in the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

What does pike in mean in Urban Dictionary?: "Pike in", by-product of an East End Cockney expression.Definition:The groundedness required to remain sane. Define piker. piker synonyms, piker pronunciation, piker translation, English dictionary definition of piker. n. Slang 1. A cautious gambler. 2. A person regarded as petty or stingy. n 1. Austral a wild bullock 2. Austral and NZ a useless person; failure 3.

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