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Connection("cx_Oracle/[email protected]/orcl") cursor = connection.cursor() my_dict = try: stmt = cursor.prepare("SELECT dummy FROM dual WHERE dummy = :myvar") cursor.execute(stmt, ) except cx_Oracle. Operational Error, caught similar to this (simplified): ``` try: result = self. This always worked fine: ``` (venv) (python27)[[email protected] ~]$ pip install cx_Oracle==5.3 Collecting cx_Oracle==5.3 [...] Successfully installed cx-Oracle-5.3 (venv) (python27)[[email protected] ~]$ python -c "import cx_Oracle; print cx_Oracle.version" 5.3 ``` After upgrading to 6.0b1 we get this: ``` (venv) (python27)[[email protected] ~]$ pip install cx_Oracle==6.0b1 Collecting cx_Oracle==6.0b1 Installing collected packages: cx-Oracle Found existing installation: cx-Oracle 5.3 Uninstalling cx-Oracle-5.3: Successfully uninstalled cx-Oracle-5.3 Successfully installed cx-Oracle-6.0b1 (venv) (python27)[[email protected] ~]$ python -c "import cx_Oracle; print cx_Oracle.version" Traceback (most recent call last): File " cx_Oracle.