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BALLINA UNION - THE ELECTION OF GUARDIANS The following Guardians have been elected for the divisions attached to their names: - Ardagh, (1) - John Cawley, Ardnaree North, (1) - E. South, (1) - Simon Bredin, Attymass East, (1), Paget Strodgen, Do. There was a full attendance of elected and ex-officio guardians. Martin as a deer park, and is now stocked with some 200 head of deer. 100 was bid for this lot without advance, and it was bought in at 400. M'Daras and Illaunna-croaghbeg, lying off Mace Head, containing 62 acres, was started with a bidding of 50. The meeting was held at a respectable solicitor's office, and the proceedings were private.--Limerick Chronicle. THE PLANTATION SCHEME To those who were favourable to the project of the reclamation of Connaught by the introduction of English settlers and English capital, to replace the present race of impoverished proprietors, the all but total failure of the attempt to dispose of the Martin estates in Galway has proved a 'heavy blow and great discouragement.' Persons having an intimate acquaintance with the nature of the property, its advantages and disadvantages, are decidedly of opinion, that many of the lots already sold, particularly the townlands near Galway, would have realized far higher prices had the sale taken place in Ireland; distance and the hopelessness of competing with English capital, having combined to deter Irish speculators from embarking in the enterprise. The patrol of police on Dolly's Brea commanded a full view of the Magheramayo hill. This, too, would be remunerative employment, for the value of the manure collected would be more than sufficient to support those daily engaged in gathering it, and will be required if the design of renting some land for pauper labour be carried out. At Westbourne Terrace, the Lady of Richard Cobsden, Esq., of a son. BALLINA UNION.- The usual weekly meeting of the guardians of this union was held in the board-room on Saturday. A pensioner named Fitzgerald and his two sons were crushed to death near Glin, by the fall of the gable wall of the house as they lay in bed. Corry Connollan is about to retire from the office of private Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant.-- Dublin Herald.